George Michael


When George Michael released his estreno aria album Faith in 1987 it instantly caught the imagination of the entire pop world, becoming a milestone in his career and in común culture. Over twenty years later Faith is still a high point in pop music as well as a measure for any artist wanting to cross

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George Michael – Listen Without Perjudice

GEORGE MICHAEL Listen Without Prejudice (1990 UK 10-track CD album including Praying For Time and Freedom 90 lyric booklet picture sleeve in song hype stickered jewel case)

Lista de canciones:
1. Waiting For That Day – Sample You Can’t Always Get What You Want
2. Praying For Time
3. Freedom! ’90
4. They Won’t Go When I Go
5. Something To Save
6. Cowboys And Angels
7. Waiting For That Day
8. Mothers Pride
9. Heal The Pain
10. Soul Free
11. Waiting

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George Michael, Songs From The Last Century

“Songs from the Last Century” (Canciones del Último Siglo). Álbum de versiones de George Michael, lanzado en diciembre de 1999.

El único album de la carrera en solitario de George Michael que no ha alcanzado el número 1 en el UK Albums Chart. Incluye “Roxanne” de The Police y y “Miss Sarajevo” (original de U2 con Luciano Pavarotti).

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The Lowdown

The Lowdown
1-1 Interview
2-1 Intro
2-2 Early Years
2-3 Introducing Mr Ridgley
2-4 Wham!
2-5 Making It Big
2-6 Goodbye Innervision
2-7 Back To The Studio
2-8 Hit After Hit
2-9 China
2-10 A Split Appears
2-11 Social Conscience
2-12 The Solo Years
2-13 Faith
2-14 Back Home
2-15 Trouble In Store
2-16 New Product
2-17 Coming Out

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